Monday, April 21, 2014

Room Inspiration

I just LOVE this bathroom. I know that it's not bedroom decor, but I love lines, rectangle, and sqare shapes throughout the design.

Everything white with wood flooring looks great.

The rug is amazingly cute!!!!!! And the bed spread. Ugh, I could just imagine curling up on this bed forever and making it my sanctuary. 

I'm still feeling the renewal that spring brings into our lives. I decided to paint my room white, I have not yet but the paint has been purchased and is waiting to be put onto my walls. Which.... I AM SUPER EXCITED TO DO! Love painting!
Above are a few photos that inspire me in the redecorating in my room. I am enamored with minimal black and white designs, very clean, but natural feeling with touches of glass jars, plants, and wood. Also, I really want to get a huge mirror to put in my room, I think that would be fantastically fun to play dress up in front of! Girly fantasies.

What's your favorite room decor styles?

Love you all,